Deuteronomy 6:6,7 And these Words which I am commanding you today shall be in your heart and you shall impress them upon your children, and speak of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise up.

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Exodus 12:1-2 And YHWH spoke to Mosheh and to Aharon in the land of Mitsrayim, saying, 2 “This month is the beginning of months for you, it is the first month of the year for you”. This is how YHWH reckons time. This reckoning of time is essential to follow Torah instructions about keeping the feasts of YHWH and also it’s a foundation of understanding prophecy.

The first month of the year is determined by agricultural means, that is by the maturity of barley in Jerusalem. When the barley has reached a full ripeness but not fully dried it is considered ‘aviv’ (a Hebrew agricultural term). The first renewed moon after the barley becomes aviv is the first day of the first month of the year. Genesis 1:5 And Elohim called the light ‘day’ and the darkness He called ‘night.’ And there came to be evening and there came to be morning, the first day. This tells us the sequence of a ‘day’ is evening followed by morning. Sunset begins the day, a renewed moon begins the month, the month following the barley being aviv begins the year. Since the start of the month is determined by the sighting of the renewed moon in Jerusalem, I will not report these calendar pages as accurate until a moon sighting is confirmed. Science tells us when the moon should be seen and based on that information I have prepared this calendar. I will confirm the accuracy each month when the moon sightings are reported by the New Moon Society in Jerusalem. The current calendar speculates the need for a 13th month before the barley is aviv.

This Scriptural calendar follows scripture only and will be updated for accuracy month by month. Once the first month of the year is determined I will post the full calendar for the year. I firmly believe that the moon must be sighted for a true reckoning of time regardless of the scientific proof of the moons position. Genesis 1:14 And Elohim said, “Let lights come to be in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and appointed times, and for days and years, This tells me that signs are in the heavens and not in scientific calculations regardless of their accuracy. A sign is something the Creator has given us to see and surely He has also given us the wisdom of science, not to be a substitute but a confirmation. If the moon cannot be seen because it is obscured by clouds of rain or clouds of smoke than it is not a sign. When does the month begin, when the renewed moon is seen. YHWH is my Elohim, not science, I will look to the heavens to know the times. With the understanding of the need for the moon to be sighted, it brings revelation to Matthew 24:36 But concerning that day and the hour no one knows, not even the messengers of the heavens, but my Father only. With an expectancy we can look forward to events in time, but we truly don’t know what time it is until that time is.

YHWH did not name the months, this calendar will name the months as reference only. In the books of Ezra and Nehemiah the months have been given Chaldean names from the time of captivity. I would not use these names. YHWH only named one day and that is the Sabbath, this calendar will not name the days. This calendar is headed by the month and the number of years from creation. Each day is underscored with the corresponding day according to the current social calendar. These days are off set from the Scriptural days reflecting the fact that Scriptural days begin with the sun setting and social days begin at midnight. Check back often for updated confirmations of moon sightings as this is important for keeping of YHWH’s feasts. 

There are a few agriculturally correct calendars available, Michael Rood publishes a calendar every spring and makes it available one month at a time for free. In the format he uses, he includes the Jewish names of the months and the incorrect Jewish year as well as the Gregorian dates. The new moon must be confirmed each month to verify its accuracy. The following is a link to Michael Rood's calendar

He is YHWH my Elohim, He has brought me out of the house of sin. I will not put any mighty ones in YHWH's face. I will not make any images or idols and bow down to them. I will not bring the Name of YHWH to naught. I will remember the Sabbath and set it apart.  I will honor my father and mother. I will not murder. I will not commit adultery. I will not steal. I will not bear false witness. I will not covet.